Osborne HS

Athletic Identity Design - Brand Extension

The Challenge:

The school was looking to create an updated athletic identity that would move away from a potential legal problem.  The school had never gone through a process of creating a unique Cardinal mascot identity and had used images found on the internet.  Combined with this, the school wanted to honor its rich history and tradition.  Osborne High School is the oldest high school in Cobb County, GA with its first school year beginning in 1926. 

Project Scope:

  • Primary Athletic Identity
  • Custom Wordmarks
  • Supporting Marks

Identity: Before

The previous mascot was in every corner of the school building. One straightforward fact rang true, Osborne did not have nor own unique identity. Dunson Design set out to solve this problem by developing a solid visual identity that Osborne High School could call its own. 

Identity Exploration:

In our initial conversations, there were several design cues the school wanted to see achieved.  Each concept we developed sought to meet the school’s desired look while simultaneously being unique and proprietary.

The list given by the school was:

  • Maintain a side profile or a 3/4 profile
  • NOT forward-facing
  • Needs to be aggressive without being menacing
  • Style should be between abstract and literal

Athletic Identity: After

The final solution provided Osborne with a unique and proprietary mark. The Cardinal mark is registered with the USPTO.

Ultimately, we created a mark that would allow Osborne to continue to move forward as they grow and evolve:

  • We created a completely custom typeface that the school can use internally to connect with the updated athletic identity.
  • We helped the school transition to a more modern version of their school colors. This kept the legacy of the school intact while appealing to the newer generation of students.
  • We developed a system of “sub-brands” for the individual athletic programs. This helps keep a unified brand architecture while allowing each team to showcase their unique personality.

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